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Usa Holiday Packages And Deals

Lights, tall buildings, fast food, faster cars, and a history that has captivated the world’s attention for the better part of three centuries, await you in the US of A. With so many things to see and do in a place introduced to the rest of the planet as The New World, you’ll be hungry for more! With Tick-it Travel’s fantastic selection of USA holidays, holiday package deals and romantic honeymoon packages, we can have you over in Uncle Sam territory saying howdy in no time!

The Essentials factors for USA Holidays

  • Electricity Output: 220 V/50 Hz (US standard plug)
  • Visa Requirement: Visa waived for New Zealand and Australian passport holders
  • Currency: US Dollar, $ (USD)
  • Population: 320 million
  • Places of Interest: New York, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Boston, The Great Lakes, New Orleans
  • How to Say G’Day: Hau (Sioux)
  • Fun Fact: We all know about the US’s infatuation with the Christmas period, however did you know that up until as recently as 1836, Christmas was banned completely in the country? Considered by the powers to be as a pagan holiday, it took the election of Martin van Buren as president to spread some festive cheer throughout the states.
USA – Accommodation
Whether you prefer a city that never sleeps, or a room in the wild west, we’ve got the best hotels in the USA.
From $48.00
Cross Country USA
From east to west, right across the centre of the States. This package is the quintessential way to see the USA.
From $4490.00
Highlights Of Route 66
One of the most famous roads on earth has a host of hidden gems and stunning scenery for you to explore.
From $2999.00
Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco in twelve days. Get your party on over in the Wild West.
From  $2429.00
A unique, multicultural melting pot awaits those who choose to visit the beautiful lands of New England.
From $2759.00
This package is the USA with the lot! From New York to Los Angeles, with a stop off in Honolulu – delightful.
From $5539.00
If you like your country western music, you’ll certainly love this tour. Follow in Elvis’ footsteps across the south east.
From $1960.00
Starting off in Las Vegas, this tour will showcase the natural beauty of the Canyonlands National Park.
From $1479.00

USA Holiday Packages and Destinations 2017-18

The apple of your eye

New York – a city steeped in history and culture – is a definite must on USA holidays, with the hi-rise skyline still offering plenty of things to do for the discerning traveller. Scenes from some of the most famous movies in history have been shot in The Big Apple, and there’s the additional treat of some of the most recognisable buildings anywhere on earth. If you’re wondering what the locals are eating, there’s plenty of pizza to go around, with New York accounting for a large portion of the 40 hectares of pizza consumed in the country each day!

For the full New York experience, you can’t pass on Bronx and Brooklyn Holiday Package Deals, which capture the essence of the unique culture of the most northern areas of the city. Try and catch the world famous New York Yankees at their brand new stadium too, providing the baseball fan with its own storied history montage.

It’s always St. Patrick’s Day in Boston

Long renowned for being the most Irish city outside of Ireland, Boston has its own fair share of remarkable history. It has been the hotspot for the emergence of American independence, and in recent years, has had a growing reputation as the cultural hub of the east coast. Another one for the baseball fans on USA holidays, is the renowned Boston Red Sox, with their ground Fenway Park acting as a tourist attraction in its own right as the oldest ballpark in the world.

Boston is, however, best known for its Irish heritage, and you can catch a glimpse of the Gaelic-American cultural fusion in one of the thousands of restaurants and bars lining the city’s streets.

The City of Angels

With the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, alongside the pristine beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, Los Angeles possesses an attraction for everyone on their USA holidays. The city’s culture relies on its ever pragmatic population, and it’s not out of the ordinary to come across a new, innovative way to claim fame in a city surrounded by it. LA is also well known as possessing the largest number of artists and musicians, meaning there will always be something to tantalise everyone’s creative side.

Be sure to wear flowers in your hair

The psychedelic capital of the world is something to behold, and San Francisco’s dazzling architecture, remarkable culture and stunning bay views will captivate all who visit this destination on their Holiday Package Deals. San Francisco is nestled on top of a highly mountainous region, so be sure to bring your hiking boots! Otherwise, the locals have been fairly innovative, and you can successfully negate the steep slopes, albeit in a twisty manner, with Lombard Street earning the right to be called the crookedest street in the world.

Hit it stateside with Tick-it Travel

Tick-it Travel has a great collection of unforgettable US holiday package deals and Honeymoon Packages, that will promise to give you a unique taste of the stars and stripes. We also have great deals on European river cruises, Thailand deals and cheap Bali flights that will see you experiencing our beautiful world more cost-effectively and easier than ever before!

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