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New Zealand Holidays

Tick-It Travel is the best place to plan your New Zealand holidays tour, with hundreds of beautiful hotels to choose from and excellent value for money package deals. We can also cater for custom designed itineraries – for your convenience – offering you the chance to choose your own path on a wonderful journey through one of the most beautiful places throughout the world.

The Essentials factors for New Zealand Holidays 2018

  • Electricity Output: 220 V/50 Hz (Australian standard plug)
  • Visa Requirement: No visa required for Australian passport holders
  • Currency: New Zealand Dollar, $ (NZD)
  • Population: 4.5 million
  • Places of Interest: Central Auckland, Wellington, Rangitoto, Christchurch, Otago Harbour, Lake Wakatipu, Rotorua, Hawkes Bay
  • How to Say G’Day: Kia ora (Maori)
  • Fun Fact: We recommend asking the locals about the whereabouts of a particular hill in the Hawkes Bay region, if only to say that you once went to Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu, the longest name for any place on Earth!

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Essence Of New Zealand Holidays
All of New Zealand in 18 days is what this package can offer you, covering all the sights from north to south.
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New Zealand Vista Holiday Package
Experience the land of the long, white cloud in this unforgettable journey across both the North and South Islands.
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Northern Spotlight Holiday Package
Showcasing the incredible culture and sights of the North Island, this package is a must for any traveller.
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Southern Spotlight Holiday Package
The South Island is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you’ll be able to see it all with this tour package.
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10 Day New Zealand Holiday Package – South Island Itinerary
New Zealand – Stay/Drive for 2018 Below you will find what we consider to be the best value for money stay-
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15 Day New Zealand Holiday Package – North/South Itinerary
You will find what we consider to be the best value for money stay-drive itineraries covering the most popular areas of New Zealand
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18 Day New Zealand Holiday Package – North/South Itinerary
From Auckland to Christchurch, experience the wonders of New Zealand in an unforgettable 18 days.
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Escorted Coach Tours Holiday Package
At tick-it Travel we understand that some travellers appreciate the benefits of being escorted when journeying through a country/area that they have not been to before…
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10 Day North Itinerary Stay / Drive Holiday Package
Get the best value for money stay-drive itineraries covering the most popular areas of New Zealand.

Popular New Zealand Destinations

Occupying prime real estate in the heart of the pristine Southern and Pacific Oceans – with some of the most bewildering and fascinating scenery that you can find anywhere in the world – venturing “across the ditch” has become an increasingly popular holiday destination over the years. Tick-It Travel can send you to the home of the Lord of the Rings saga cheaper than ever before, whilst providing you the complete Kiwi experience, including romantic honeymoon packages and remarkable holiday package deals.

Awesome Auckland

Once shrouded behind the more popular travel destinations of Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch, a gritty urban renewal has seen Auckland catch up in the tourist stakes, and can now boast of some of the best street level culture in the world. Of particular note are the explosion of trendy bars, clubs and cafés that have sprung up around town in recent years, all providing their own little taste of Kiwi culture and their surprisingly unique cuisine!

We suggest heading to the harbour and checking out the incredible restaurants and bars that have opened up over the marina. If you’re lucky, you might see one of the few accredited experts in this part of the world perform a sabrage on a top bottle of New Zealand bubbly – the dramatic opening of a wine bottle with a sword!

Experience the Fire and Passion of the North Island

The epicentre of Maori culture, the North Island’s stunning, rolling hills and lagoons, are a scenery lovers’ dream. Get lost in the rich, vibrant history of the original Polynesian tribes whilst visiting Waitangi National Park – where the British-Maori treaty was signed – and soak in the spectacular rock formations and cliff faces. The North Island isn’t just renowned for its remarkable past, however, as the island itself is a hub for minor volcanic activity, best observed in the rocky steppes of Rotorua.

Spectacular South Island

Nicknamed “The Scotland of the South”, it is here in the South Island where you will find some of the most untamed yet beautiful landscapes on Earth. A hub for mountaineers, adventurers, and ski enthusiasts (of which you will find plenty in Queenstown on their own snow filled New Zealand holidays), the South Island is also rich in remarkable architecture – with Victorian Era buildings lining the streets of Christchurch and Dunedin. It’s also one of the very few places where you can clearly see formed glaciers, lining the west coast of the island in all of their stunning beauty.

Red, or White?

When planning New Zealand holidays, a visit to the twin islands wouldn’t be complete without a visit to some of the most famous, award-winning wineries on the planet! The Marlborough region is famed for their year-long seasonal favouring for grapes, and it is here where you can find some of the best drops anywhere else. We recommend taking a trip to Oyster Bay, where entrepreneurial locals have concocted their own wines, free for tasting and cheap to purchase.

Splendid Mountainsides

One of the most iconic images of New Zealand is that of the colossal Mt Cook (or Aoraki in the native tongue), and it is here where you will find the place that the great Sir Edmund Hillary honed his skills before climbing Everest! Mt Cook is an adventurer’s delight, and a must for any thrill seekers on New Zealand holidays, with incredible views of the west coast awaiting those who succeed in getting to the summit. There’s also the majestic Lake Matheson at the foot of the island for those afraid of heights – offering a picturesque, mirrored image of the lake’s surroundings.

Captivating Christchurch

New Zealand’s oldest city, Christchurch is perhaps best known for its stunning buildings and peaceful public parks. It’s very easy to be absorbed by the atmosphere and culture of the city, where you can find many hidden gems, such as cafés, antique stores and other curiosities in Christchurch’s streets. For sports fans, Christchurch is home to the most successful rugby union club side in the world – The Crusaders – and although they don’t play there anymore, it’s still worth taking a time to see their spiritual home at the cauldron that is Lancaster Park.