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European River Cruises 2018


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European river cruises provide you with a way to visit the beautiful open waters. Stay on a giant cruise liner and enjoy the food, entertainment and rooms that we offer.

Travel along the Rhine, Main & Danude Rivers enjoying the never ending views as you journey from Budapest to Amsterdam through Germany, Austria & Hungary or the Rhine & Basel Rivers from Amsterdam to Basel, travelling through Belgium, Germany & into Switzerland. The French Country side may be your choice along the Seine.

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Scenic Tours

8 Days Rhine Highlights From $4095.00pp – Fly from $995.00pp
11 Days Gems of the Danude River with Prague From $5895.00pp – Fly from $995.00pp
11 Days Beautiful Bordeaux From $6995.00pp – Fly free available on selected departure
15 Days Jewels of Europe River Cruise From $7295.00pp – Fly free available on selected departures
15 Days Romantic Rhine & Moselle From $8195.00pp – Fly free available on selected departures


Deposit by 30 Sep 18 and a DISCOUNT of $300.00pp will apply for cruises 11 days or more

“SPECIAL” Offers apply

– Fly Free- Cabin Upgrade

– 1 Night Pre or Post Accommodation applies.



All specials are subject to availability & will be advised at time of booking

  • Length: 813 km
  • Passes Through: Switzerland, France
  • Fun Fact: For those who love speed, the Rhône will not disappoint. With an average water velocity of 64 kph, it is the fastest moving body of water on Earth!

Starting from the picturesque wonderland of the Swiss alps and finishing off in the much more warmer surrounds of Marseille, the Rhône will provide you with plenty of sights and sounds that will resonate in your memory for a lifetime. An important trading route during the height of both the Greek and Roman Empires, the Rhône is now home to water enthusiasts of every kind, with gentle waters and wide expanses making it a favourite for boats and water skiers alike.

Sailing right through the heart of Champagne-Ardenne, there’s no better cruise available to sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of its namesake. Marvel at the sheer size of the immense inland Swiss glaciers, the rolling hills of the greater Rhône Delta, all before entering the remarkably beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

  • Length: 1,230 km
  • Passes Through: The Netherlands, Germany, Liechtenstein, France, Switzerland
  • Fun Fact: We hope you don’t get dizzy too easily, as the Rhine is well known for being the bendiest river in Europe. Because of this it is difficult to measure its exact length, and as such has its own measurement – the rheinkilometer. In case you’re wondering, the Rhine is 745 rkn long.

The Rhine holds a special resonance throughout the region it passes through, holding special significance for Germanic culture surrounding the river. A unique feature of the area, the thick forests that lie around the Rhine creep right up to the shore of the river, and can feature captivating cliff faces. The most famous of these cliff faces is the Rhine Gorge, instantly noticeable by the two distinct hanging rocks overlapping the face – named Drachenfels and Lorelei.

As you pass along the Rhine, take note of the many scenic waterfalls that dot the way. The Rhine is renowned for these, with the most famous being the Rheinfall – an enormous 20 metre plunge which signals the entry of the river into Switzerland.

  • Length: 2,872 km
  • Passes Through: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania
  • Fun Fact: The Danube is well known for being the longest river in Central Europe, but did you know it’s also the largest maritime graveyard too? Hundreds of warships lie on the river bed, and can be clearly visible during times of shallow tides.

A river that has inspired millions of people for thousands of years, the Danube still has plenty to offer for the discerning traveller on their own European river cruises. Passing through some of the most famous cities on the continent, you will have the chance to see the architectural beauty of Budapest, the stunning sight of Vienna, the never ending party in Bratislava, and the remarkable domes of Belgrade – all in one sitting!

Our pick, however, is the river’s end in Constanța, Romania, right on the shore of the famous Black Sea. With a reputation for being the centre of the party in Eastern Europe, and with an absorbingly dark and beautiful water colour that gives the Black Sea its name, it will prove to be a fitting end to your series of unforgettable European river cruises.

  • Length: 2,872 km
  • Passes Through: France
  • Fun Fact: Don’t forget to duck your head once you enter Paris! There are more than thirty bridges that go over the Seine within the famous city.

Entering from Le Havre and running straight to Paris, a journey to the City of Light would not be complete without venturing down the famous canals that make up the Seine River. Making its way right through the city itself – and passing by some of its most famous landmarks – the river is an eternal symbol of the city’s own beauty to the local Parisians. It is here where the ashes of heroine Joan of Arc were scattered, and where Paris derives its water supply from (once filtered).

It has often been said that the best way to experience the Old World is by its many famous waterways and historically significant rivers, each of which has splendid sights and amazing stories to tell. Through Tick-It Travel’s incredible and affordable holiday package deals for European river cruises, you can get the full European experience! A particular favourite for couples seeking romantic honeymoon packages, traversing the many European rivers is the opportunity of a lifetime for those who have just been recently wed.

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