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Where To Shop In Thailand? Our Answer To Shopaholics.

Posted on January 17, 2017

Thailand is shopaholics favourite destination with massive malls and street vendors both offering a range of choices, cheap deals and great bargains. Let’s explore the top shopping precincts where tourists loosen their wallets and why.


If you live and breathe high fashion brands and fine dining, Gaysorn is the mall you would love to visit. Located in Ratchaprasong shopping district, in Bangkok, Thailand, this five storey mall houses the world’s finest fashion and accessory brands. With a wide selection of fine dining also available, you are sure to be spoilt for choices.

Siam Paragon:

A preferred shopping destination for tourists, primary because displaying tourist discount card take off 5 % straight from every item purchased, this precinct is preferred as has easy access from BTS Station Siam. Besides a gamut of national and international brands under one roof, Siam also houses the largest beauty department in the city. Over 5000 sqm you are likely to find all the cosmetic brands from around the world.

Central World Shopping Centre:

Sophisticated and upmarket, this recently renovated mall is officially the largest shopping centre in South East Asia. With 50 restaurants, 21 film screens, bowling halls, kids zone, learning centre and free wifi, there is literally nothing to look beyond here.

MBK (Mah Boon Krong):

A combination of market and malls, this is a favourite of both locals and foreigners. With more than 2000 shops you can find both original and counterfeit products at a good bargain under one roof. If you carry your Tourist Discount Card, you can avail further discounts.

Pantip Plaza:

For IT geeks, this is the place to be. Also known as IT mall, there is no electronic gadget and device which you have heard or known of and you cannot lay your hand on here. A six storey place is replete with both original and counterfeit products, which you need to be wary of as a shopper.

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