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The Best Of Budapest In One Day

Posted on October 18, 2016

Smack bang in the middle of the bridgeway between Central and Eastern Europe is Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and a bastion of culture and arts for centuries.

Right throughout this majestic city, the influence of this can be seen far and wide. Café’s line almost each and every city street, buildings are decorated in elaborate gothic and baroque style architecture, and the grandeur of the place must be seen to be believed.

Budapest is also situated right on the banks of Europe’s most mightiest river – The Danube – making travel by boat cruise a unique way to arrive in the city itself. In this article, we’ll be providing you with a few landmarks to check out during a day that will have you fully immersed in this wonderful city.

The most royal of all palaces

Budapest,_Castle_Hill,_Royal_Palace_(6784985256)Even just standing out the front of Budapest’s Royal Palace is an overwhelming experience that you will not forget anytime soon. The sheer size of it is barely comprehensible, and it’s quite funny to think this grand building has been razed to the ground and rebuilt numerous times over its 800 years of existence.

Inside, the Royal Palace now is almost four whole stories of antique Hungarian artifacts and magnificent artwork depicting the rise of Hungary as a cultural and political centre. It’s interior design is as elaborate as anything else you will have ever seen, and provides a great insight into the country’s immensely rich history.

A bridge for each day

Széchenyi_Chain_Bridge_in_Budapest_at_nightLike Prague and it’s conundrum with the Vltava, Budapest is equally divided across both sides of the massive Danube. An easy fix was to get over it and build a bridge, so to speak, which they did in some of the most stunning pieces of design and architecture to be found throughout Europe, let alone its Eastern region.

One such bridge is the Margit híd, build in 1876 and extended in 1901. It is a brilliant triumph of post-renaissance architecture, made more unique by its “dog-leg” joint between the connection of the two banks with Margaret Island, of which it borrows its name. The bridge also provides an impressive vantage point of the whole city for the avid travel photographer.

The most beautiful of boulevards

boulevardAndrássy út runs for over 2 kilometers, ending at the famous junction between Heroes Square and the colossal City Park. Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, this beautiful tree-lined stretch of road is perhaps the best way to get the full experience of what living in Budapest is like.

Stunning architecture, famous monuments to legends of Hungary’s past, and one of Europe’s most famous theatres all dot this impressive boulevard. There are also café’s along the way, serving up the deliciously sweet local fare of kürtőskalács, a charcoal stove cooked cake, as well as traditional soups and cured meats.

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