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Bali Is Calling You. Read On And You Will Know Why?

Posted on November 17, 2016

Have you been to Bali yet? If you haven’t you must read. Not only is it a budget tourist destination, Bali, also known as the island of Gods, has more than one reason to be your next holiday stop. Here are our top three reasons for us saying so.

1. Stunning natural sights.

Bali, an evergreen destination for travellers, has its own reasons to be among the most favoured holiday spots. Besides seen as a bang for your bucks there are many jaws dropping natural sights to visit. Menjangan Island and West Bali National Park tops the list. Followed by Ubud, Campuhan Ridge, and Jatiluwih- the island’s greenest area. The list seems to be very long than this but locals you visit will depend on the number of days you plan to stay there for. You would also love to visit Beratan Lake, Botanical Gardens, Kintamani and Mount Batur as well.

2. Beaches on one hand and the rich cultural and spiritual heritage on the other.

There are famous surfing beaches in Bali. Uluwatu, Kuta Beach and Canggu beach are just a few. Canggu, as we suggest, is fine to test out both for beginner and expert surfers. For beginners, Canggu is a friendly beach. The soft waves and medium tide make learning how to surf more fun. But you need to be careful during the high tides as it can make even the expert surfers get chills down their spine.

Balinese culture has captivated the imagination of tourists for long. You will personally get attracted towards places which have rich old tales and beliefs attached to them. It is believed that once Charlie Chaplin made his visit in the 1930’s. Chaplin was quite inspired by the innocence and naivety of the place and the comic acts of the actors there. It is said that he went on to include his famous spring-kneed gait, after being inspired by the local Bali comic actors.

Central to the religion in Bali is their philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, meaning ‘Living in harmony with God, among humans and with nature.’ Hinduism came to Bali in the 5th Century but was ousted by Christianity and Islam, leaving Bali as the only Hindu island.

3. Culinary spectrum.

If you love to experiment with food Bali is the right place for you. Bali is an island of contrasts and extremes, and this is particularly true in terms of food. You could get a plate for as little as one dollar (AUD) to $600 for the most authentic traditional food of the region.

If you love street food and you would love the street vendors push their carts, Kaki Lima as it is known locally sell delectable food prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Some of the most delicious Bakso, a delicious beef ball noodle soup, fried rice, noodles in hot sauce are surely for you to try.

So if you are looking to head to a destination this holiday season , we just made your life simpler.

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